Swine Feed

Modern livestock husbandry management recommends that the feeding programs for swineherds should be customized to deliver an optimum amount of nutrients for the prevailing farm conditions, production stages and productivity objectives.

Nutrient requirements of swine depend on many factors including genetics, season, age, animal health, and life cycle stage. One uniform set of diet across the herd may not be sufficient to meet the various needs of all animals. A key component of optimized swine feeding programs is the ability to accurately determine and meet the nutrient needs at different production stages.

Tailor-made feeding program

Our animal nutrition experts work with swine farmers to develop swine feeding programs designed to meet expected pig performance and business results, while taking into consideration the resources available to the farmer and prevailing farm and animal condition. A key aspect of this process is to ensure the quality of the swine feed to reliably deliver the required level of nutrients to the livestock.

Ingredients are by far the single largest source of nutrient variations in feed. Growing season, field location, processing, grinding micron size and other factors all may alter actual nutrient loadings. Thus, when we manufacture our feed products, we carefully measure the actual nutrient content of the various ingredients we use to ensure that our finished feed solutions can deliver the needed nutrient loading to the livestock.

Systematic tool-supported process

We use a number of proprietary tools developed over many years of supporting swine farmers throughout the world:

  • The AutoCalc™ System updates the nutrient loadings of various ingredients.
  • The Grain Particle Scorer provides an easy on-site measurement of particle size, allowing easy adjustment of nutrient content or diet formulation.
  • The Optimum Value Suppler Database™ helps manage the variation of over 180 ingredients supplied from over 1,100 firms and assayed from over 50,000 samples.

These tools, combined with the deep understanding of the factors impacting swine development and productivity, enable us to help farmers supply the right nutrients to the right pig at the right time – to ultimately help improve pig and farm performance.

Single-Mix® is the core module in Format International’s New Century™ (NC™) range of formulation software. This program is used to set up and maintain the data used in formulation; raw materials, product specifications and finished product formulations. Single-Mix® also includes a linear programming algorithm for use in the creation of product formulations using the “least cost optimisation” technique.