Poultry Feed

Strong and healthy poultry is important to achieve optimum egg and meat production. Poultry farmers must successfully manage a multitude of factors that impact both the development and growth of their birds as well as their animals’ productivity once maturity is reached. Our expert animal nutrition consultants work with poultry farmers to help them:

  • Understand the genetics of their birds’ performance potential
  • Evaluate their environmental management practices that impact bird development and productivity
  • Identify nutritional limitations in their current feeding regimes
  • Propose new animal nutrition solutions to ensure that the birds receive the right feed at the right time

In Vietnam, we offer farmers a broad range of innovative poultry feed products including, concentrates and complete feeds designed to deliver optimum development, growth, health and performance of chickens – both broilers and layers – as well as ducks, quails and other poultry.


Our comprehensive broiler feed solutions include medicated and non-medicated starters, growers, and finishers. We also provide pre-starter feeds for broiler breeder as well as feed products for commercial broilers and native broilers.


Our wide array of products for egg layers includes feed solutions for pre-starters, starters, pullets, pre-layers and layers at different phases, as well as layer breeder feed.

Ducks and quails

In addition to feed for chickens, we also provide innovative nutrition solutions for:

  • Meat ducks, layer ducks, and duck breeders,
  • Meat quail and layer quail