Aqua Feed

Since joining with EWOS in 2015, Cargill has become one of the largest global suppliers of aqua feed. Why choose Cargill aqua nutrition solutions?

  • Experience – EWOS has been in the aqua feed market for about 80 years, and Cargill has 120 years of experience in animal nutrition
  • Fish health and welfare – we deliver products that support the overall health of the aqua species among which:
  • Partnership – we work together with our customers to create mutual success
  • Performance – excellent biological and financial performance, documented
  • Service – we add value to feed products through extended service and support

Meeting Vietnamese aqua market challenges

Aquaculture is a diverse and rapidly changing industry, and it has to meet challenges that include drought, zoning regulations, shifts in market size, losses to local carnivorous species and more. Working with Cargill helps you plan more effectively for the future and achieve sustainable business growth that benefits both you and your employees.

EWOS Vietnam is the newest member of the EWOS family.  With a factory in the heart of the Mekong Delta, we are in a perfect place to supply feeds to the local aquaculture markets. The EWOS name is well known for quality and we are bringing this reputation to Vietnam; already demonstrated by our Global GAP certification and expanding market.

We help small farms monitor feed performance and water quality for each fish crop, and we provide ongoing development of new products and services. Both productivity and sustainability are supported by our farm best practice services, mobile lab services and feed performance measurements – Design and Conformance (D/C) and Proof of Performance (POP).

Larger farms depend on us for the consistent production costs, fish yields and fish shape they need to meet market demands. We innovate new products for fish supply systems and work closely with end users to make sure you have the production solutions that work for your business.

We are committed to creating innovative solutions for improving aquaculture productivity. Our aquaculture consultants tap an extensive pool of knowledge, experience and research to offer farmers the best possible nutrition solutions and services for their cultivated species.